Building the future 

we want to live in

Our mission is to create a world we want to live in.

A place where humans socially interact, communities drive the economy, and the environment is taken into account. 

We believe urban communities are the most sustainable solution for the future of our world. 

They create a sense of belonging, mutual responsibility, and a new economy.

Here is how we do it:


Today we know that people derive more joy from experiences than from possessions. That's why we've designed a platform that encourages people to enjoy shared experiences. By giving community members the power to generate co-experiences, we've seen a tremendous number of creative long-tail co-experiences. We've also seen members generating alternative income streams as well as meaningful social interactions.

The community economy
The community economy is a combination of the sharing economy, local businesses, and a P2P marketplace. The community economy plays a massive role in the success of a community, providing new income opportunities, embedding a sense of trust between the people, and powering the communities independence. 

Our platform is designed to "keep it local", providing members a new economic model:​

The new influencer

Over the past decade, we've seen the rise of social media influencers flooding the internet providing value that is debatable.

At Coing, we measure community influencers through their contribution to their community and participation. We call them leaders.

Leaders are welcome to tap into their passions and expertise to create co-experiences and generate income.