• Bar Yakoby

How can colleges attract the new generation of students?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Answer: Offer them to be part of thriving student communities.

In the last few years, higher education institutions(HEI) understand they need to make some changes to attract the new generation of students.

Today's students prefer culture on amenities, emphasizing the importance of the student experience and social well-being.

In parallel to HEI's adaptation, COVID-19 has struck globally, deepening the gap between student expectations and what academic institutions can offer.

As in every blog, Coing has the answer ;), this time our client: the Academic and Technology College of Tel-Hai, Israel has proved that student experience can go beyond expectations even during a pandemic.

Tel Hai's story begins with Maya (Tel Hai student union event producer), a community member of a local community that uses Coings platform to create many small cultural events that abide COVID-19 limitations. Maya gave Coing a ring, asking if she could use Coing to save her canceled event? Maya's creative solution was a perfect fit for Coing's platform:

"We would like to provide our students with the ability to create and host small capsule events and workshops."

Tel Hai's platform was launched the following day, and the results were unbelievable.

70 houses and co-experiences(an experience shared together) were listed by students on the platform, giving birth to the "Grass festival".

The annual opening event turned into a week festival with over 800 registered members who attended events all over the region.

Amongst many favorites, we particularly adored the Pine needle shooting workshop and the Radio broadcasting workshop.

Can you guess how many new couples met this week?

After the massive success of the "Grass festival" the student union partnered with the deans office and launched their own tailored student community platform, providing various community models and project pages aiming to enhance the student experience, and indeed they have.

The freshman page - a collaborative page for new students to find study partners, communicate with their professors, and sign up for various events.

Student benefits page - dozens of local businesses listed unique benefits for college students- empowering local businesses.

Study marathon groups- a dedicated page for students to join study groups for the exam period.

Co-experience page- a page for the students to create/join capsule meetups/workshops and impact the college experience.

One notable event on the Co-experience page was an online stand-up comedy show by famous comedian Tom Yaar, who sold out in 2 days(300 tickets), enabling students to gather and screen this hilarious event. The student union leveraged the situation and collaborated with a local sushi restaurant that offered a 1+1 menu for students attending the event.

Students made 120 orders during the show, 150% more than a regular day. It got to the point that the restaurant owner stopped taking new orders.

Wrapping things up

Coing's flexibility, ready-to-go templates, and community personal assistant have enabled the student union to impact the student experience and deliver unique social and financial models that never existed in their college.

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